Global Health Symposium


Global Health Symposium:
The Challenges of Developing a New Generation of Health Sector Leaders in Low Resource Countries

Thursday, March 27, 2014
3:30-5:00 pm, networking reception follows

Mayo Auditorium, University of Minnesota

Presented by: 
James A. Rice, PhD, FACHE
Leadership, Management, and Governance Project, Washington DC
Management Sciences for Health

John Cushing, MHA
Former International Programs Director & Current Advisor, Children’s HeartLink
Lecturer, University of Minnesota

Join us for a lively discussion of temptations, trends and tribulations of the international arena for health sector leadership development. Jim Rice and John Cushing will contribute ideas, issues and insights to a strategic conversation about the need for, and nature of engagement in the health sectors of low- and middle-income countries.

As alumni and adjunct faculty of the School Public Health, Jim (PhD ’91, MHA ’71) and John (MHA ’67) are aware of the many international educational initiatives and options being explored across the Academic Health Center for the coming decade. Their diverse experiences will examine:

  • Changes to health services delivery in under-resourced countries
  • The need for leadership, management and governance development
  • The roles, risks and rewards of a University and School of Public Health response

Jim’s large global project will be drawn upon in the short symposium as they work to guide $200 million of USAID resources into leadership, management and governance enhancements in over 30 countries, visit the Leadership, Management and Governance Project web site for more information.

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