Donor Spotlight

Since 1939, when Drs. William and Charles Mayo created an endowment to help establish the School of Public Health and the Mayo Professorship in Public Health, donors have been essential to supporting the vision, programs, facilities, faculty, research, and student opportunities that make our school one of the top ten in the nation. 

Stephen Filler | Carrying on Tradition
Steve Filler, MPH/MHA '99, is following in his father's footsteps by creating new scholarship and mentorship opportunities for SPH students.

Jim & Bobbi Craig | Giving So Others Can Learn
A lifetime of travel opened the Craigs eyes to public health challenges around the world. Their experiences inspired them to invest in making public health education accessible for SPH students who want to make an impact on global public health.

Dr. Genell Knatterud | Supporting Clinical Trials Education at SPH
An unexpected gift from alumna Dr. Genell Knatterud, PhD '63, establishes a new fund to support students studying clinical trials in the Division of Biostatistics.

Beth Virnig & Jonathan Levy | Helping Junior Faculty Explore Big Ideas
In her role as an academic leader, junior faculty frequently approach Beth Virnig with their great research ideas, but usually there’s a caveat, “if only there was a little bit of money available” they’d be able to move their ideas forward. Virnig and her husband, Jonathan Levy, decided to respond to this need, seeding a new fund at SPH called the Discovery Fund.

Peter Thoreen & Janet Marshall-Thoreen | Proud UMN Alumni
“We give because I know the great influence of alumni connections in my own career. No one is a self-made man or woman. I’ve had a lot of alumni help me along the way. We wanted to return that favor." 

Geary Olsen | Paying it forward at SPH
Geary Olsen fondly remembers his advisors Jack Mandel and RK Anderson. "I can’t give to RK and Jack what they gave to me. But I can pass that on to others through gifts to the University. This is my recognition of the people who helped me.”

Dr. Russell Luepker | Helping make graduate education more affordable at SPH
Throughout his career, Russell has focused on giving back, donating to the University of Minnesota since he started teaching here in 1976. “My family understood the importance of giving. When my father was alive, he was very involved in a number of causes – the YMCA, the Presbyterian Church – and he raised money for various projects. It’s always been important to us to give to and support causes that are worthy.”

Deb and Gary Olson | Investing in global health
Partnership, community and family are the values that have defined Deb Olson's career in public health. These values helped Deb and her husband, Gary, determine how to invest in the future of SPH and the global partnerships that make the school unique and influential among public health programs in the US

Maynard Oliverius | Ensuring MHA Excellence through legacy giving
Maynard Oliverius is clear about the impact of his graduate education, “There is a 99% chance that I would not have been able to achieve the position of CEO at Stormont-Vail HealthCare without the MHA Program.”

The Queneau Family | An enduring commitment to SPH students
When Esther and Bernie married in 2003, and until Bernie passed away in 2014, they made it a point to drive from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis each year to meet the Queneau scholarship recipients in person. The Queneau family’s commitment to SPH has resulted in the Marguerite J. Queneau Memorial Scholarship being awarded to 35 Public Health Nutrition students to date.