Alumni Leadership

SPH Alumni Society Board of Directors

The SPH Alumni Society Board leads ongoing efforts to provide lifelong learning opportunities for school alumni. Together, we work toward:

  • Alumni & Volunteer Engagement
    • Provide opportunities that promote alumni engagement with SPH
    • Provide and increase the number of networking and engagement activities
  • Student Engagement & Support
    •  Manage the process for selecting the SPH Alumni Scholarship recipients on an annual basis
    • Partner with the SPH Student Senate and other SPH students to offer robust networking and learning opportunities
    • Support the SPH Mentor Program and provide programming to support its participants and other SPH students
  • Alumni Recognition
    • Select and recognize the annual recipients of the SPH Alumni Awards
  • Advocate for University legislative requests

Adopted from the SPH Alumni Society Board Annual Work Plan for 2015-2016.

SPH Alumni Society Board members and family and friends attend the 2015 Homecoming football game.


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Alumni Society Board Standing Committees

All SPH alumni are invited to Get Involved by serving on a Board Standing Committee. If you are interested, please contact the staff person listed below.

Engagement Committee | The Engagement Committee is responsible for Alumni & Volunteer Engagement, including planning alumni events such as the Alumni Leadership Forum, Eat Learn Gather, the Healthy Spirits networking series, and the Walk & Talk series. The committee also works to provide opportunities for alumni to volunteer for and with the School. Contact Heidi Mastrud.

Mentoring Committee | The Mentoring Committee was created to support the School's annual Mentor Program in terms of providing assistance with the recruitment of mentors and the matching process, as well as providing additional content and support for the Program's participants. Volunteers on this committee also work on programming that connects alumni and students, especially virtual opportunities. Contact Heidi Mastrud.

Scholarship Committee | The Scholarship Committee supports the SPH Alumni Scholarship and selects its annual student recipients. The committee also seeks to increase donations to the SPH Alumni Scholarship, so as to continue to support students as they work on their goal of receiving an MPH, MHA, MS or PhD degree or certificate from the School of Public Health. Contact Heidi Mastrud. 

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MHA Alumni Association Board of Directors

The purposes of the MHA Alumni Association are to:

  • Engage members with the MHA Program mission and its students, faculty and alumni
  • Create and promote valued, life-long learning opportunities for members;
  • Guide and sustain philanthropy efforts that directly benefit Program students, faculty and curriculum development.

To learn more about the MHA Alumni Association, visit the MHA Alumni Community at